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What causes the problem?
Ice dams form when your roof’s deck gets warm. When heat from your house escapes into your attic, it heats your roof, causing ice to melt. Once the ice reaches the cold overhang portion of your roof, it then refreezes, forming an ice dam.

What can happen when the ice dam forms?
When the ice formation builds up, it creates a dam. As water continues to melt off of your warm roof, the water is trapped behind the dam. Eventually, the water will leak through your roof, flood your attic, and begin streaming into your home and through your wall cavities. Black mold can also begin to grow in your attic due to the excess moisture.

How can I ensure it doesn't happen?
The only real solution to preventing water damage from ice dams is to make sure your roof deck remains cold during the winter. To do that, you need to make sure your attic is properly insulated and that your roof is properly ventilated. This keeps warm air out of your attic and allows cold air to pass through it, making sure your roof deck is the same (cold) temperature everywhere!